The Secret Behind Online Slot Gambling: How to Win Every Time

Slot gambling is known as a game of luck. With every spin, you put your trust in fate, wishing to be lucky enough and win the jackpot prize. But in fact, there is no science or luck involved. To earn more prizes, here are few tips for a successful slot gambling!

Choose Slots with Best RTP Rate (Return to Player)

online slot gambling secret

First thing you have to remember, the RTP predetermines your winning chance in slot gaming. It is the mathematical advantage of land-based and online casinos in any of their games. Return to Player or RTP is the total percentage of wagered money that a casino slot pays to the players. For example, a slot with 93% RTP will give back 93 out of every 100 cash amount that goes into it. The better a slot game's RTP, the higher play you can get for your cash. Here are five online slots with the best RTP rate you can try:

  • Ugga Bugga – 99.07% RTP
  • Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix – up to 98% RTP
  • Mega Joker – 99% RTP
  • The Catfather – 98.10% RTP

Play Free Online Slot Games

online slot gambling secret Free

There may be no magic or luck involves in slot gambling, but you can always use top strategies to your advantage. The best way to establish and enhance your plan for your winning play is to learn more about the slot you are playing.

It would be best if you find out first how the slot works, know its secret quirks and understand the better odds of your online slot machine before playing with real cash.

To do this, start your online slot gaming with free games or any bonus rounds. Practice your strategies and play with real money when you're ready.

Establish Your Budget Limit

Online slot gaming gives convenience to your gambling life. Depending on your online slot's speed, you can spin up to approximately 20 times per minute without even noticing it. Hence, before starting your slot game, establish your loss limit, and stick to it. Don't let yourself be drawn with the excitement and lose track of your money outlay.

Use Bonuses and Rewards to Your Advantage

online slot gambling secret bonuses

In giving out rewards and bonuses, online casinos are more generous than traditional land-based casinos. Online casinos often give free spins as their welcome bonus for new players. Use their random bonuses and rewards for added value on your bankroll. Use this to your advantage and do your research about your online casino game's special bonus offers.

Overall, you cannot increase the probability of your chance in winning because this was predetermined and cannot be altered. For you to gain from your online slot gaming, remember to avoid wagering more than you can afford to lose.

Safest Payment Methods for Your Online Gambling Security

One of the online casinos' basic guidelines is guarding your bankroll. Finding the best and safest mode of payment is essential for your online gambling experience. For most regular gamblers, transitioning from land-based to online gambling can be tricky. With land-based casinos, you ensure everything is in order, and you receive the right amount of payout or deposit the cash on hand personally. But in online casinos, it is a new world in regards to your payment methods. Not all payment options are created equal. Choose the right casino payment method and guard up your bankrolls.

Online casinos are partnered with various online banks and offer different selections for your payment methods. Payment options for your online gambling needs may include credit/debit cards and e-wallet.

 Credit/ Debit Cards

online casino payment methods debit/credit

This is one of the most popular payment methods for online gambling. It is acceptable to most online casinos. Debit/Credit cards allow you to pay anonymously for more protection. Just be reminded that, in this mode of payment, transaction fees may apply. Here are some Credit/Debit cards you can own:

  1. American Express

AMEX card is acceptable in more than 130 countries suitable for online casinos. American Express is a credit card payment method that caters to your deposits on your online gambling.

  1. Visa

online casino payment methods visa

Visa cards are one of the most popular types of credit/debit card payment methods. It is globally available and will most likely be accepted as your online casino mode of payment.

  1. MasterCard

MasterCard is the second-largest payment network suited for your online casino payment needs. Pay confidently and be protected from unauthorized card usage. Gamble online with MasterCard for a fast, easy, and secured payment method.


online casino payment methods e-wallet

E-wallets or digital wallet is a payment method that secures the user's payment data and identification. This mode of payment is linked with your bank accounts used for transactions made in your smartphones or computer. It is perfect for you to use as your mode of cash in your online casino accounts. Listed are trusted e-wallets you can use.

  1. PayPal

PayPal makes your payment method fast and secure. It is one of the most used e-wallets and dubbed as people's choice for their payment method.

  1. Neteller

Neteller offers e-money transfer services suitable for your online gambling payment options. Choose a safer, faster way to deposit and receive your winnings.

There are many online banking options available for your online casino payment needs. You should do your study about the payment method of your choice and go with what you think best suits you. It would be best if you chose a payment option at your comfort. Be a smart online gambler and guarantee your bank account's safety.

Here’s Why You Should Start Playing Casino Online

With the sudden rise of online casino's fame, are you torn between playing online and in a real casino? There are thousands of online casinos out there of your choice. Online casinos are starting to outnumber traditional land-based casinos. However, there are still land-based gambling places that retain their strong influence. Both land-based and online have their distinct assets, but which is better for you? Let's find out with these comparisons below.


why play online casino

Land-based casinos' language range is limited. It varies to where the casino is based. No matter how top-rated a land casino is, their language communication is bounded.

On the other hand, many online casinos were able to establish itself as a multilingual casino. You can play online casinos with your native language.

To render new interest and growth, online casinos translate their websites into multiple languages. Ideal for you who wish to gamble from the comfort of your homes with various language supports. Some of the online casino versions created with a multilingual feature translate to Portuguese, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, and Turkish. Currently, online casinos are becoming more popular in Asia, introducing versions with Chinese and Japanese translation.

Rules and Guidelines: Food, Drinks, Smoking and Dress Code

why play online casino rules

With online casinos, you have control over your gambling atmosphere. You can gamble with cheese dust on your thumbs, wearing your most comfortable attire. Unlike with land-based casinos, you are to obey a specific dress code and follow guidelines about bringing your food and drinks to play.

You have the power to set your environmental conditions. Smoking is usually allowed on land-based casinos. Hence, non-smokers have no choice but to bear the smell of cigarettes. But with online casinos, you can play at your comfort.

Safety and Security

The usual worry of land-based casino players is robbery. Online casinos reduce this threat because you can play at your home's safety. Online gambling offers more sense of privacy. You can play anonymously. You do not have to worry about being captured by the other players in their shots or films. In terms of your safety and security, online gambling is more promising. Just keep in mind to guard your account against hackers and choose authorized online casino sites and apps.

Bonuses and Rewards

why play online casino bonuses

In this regard, online casinos are more generous. Bonuses and rewards are an excellent boost to your online bankroll. You can use them to your advantage and earn more profit. Unlike land-based casinos, they seldom give bonuses and special offers. Online casinos are even giving out gifts just by using their service.

There are a lot of pros in online gambling. Online and land-based casinos have the same fun offers. But both widely differ with their available services. Try online gambling now and have more fun and exciting gambling action!

Blacklisted: Online Casinos You Should Avoid

Suppose you are transitioning from land-based to online casinos or trying out new sites and apps for your online gambling routine. Mainly if you desire to play with real money, knowing rouge online casinos is vital.  Be guided with these usual reasons why online casinos are considered rogue:

blacklisted online casinos mistake

  • Poor customer service
  • Questionable practices; unclear terms and conditions
  • Unfair RTP rates
  • Rigged games
  • False advertising
  • Payment problems: Deposits and withdrawal issues
  • Spamming players with unreliable information
  • Poor and questionable practices
  • Unfair Bonuses and Rewards
  • Unlicensed company
  • Poor payout speed

Although there are many trusted and best online casinos out there, there are also tons of online casinos you should avoid for your security. Occasionally, an online casino may undergo a software problem or just changes in service and eventually turn into a faulty online casino room. Listed below are the online casinos you should avoid at all times.

blacklisted online casinos blacklist

  • 1×2 gaming
  • 21 Dukes
  • 50 Stars
  • Ace Live Casino
  • Amco Casino
  • Aztec Casino
  • Balzac Casino
  • Beat the Dealer
  • Bella Vegas
  • Bet Port Casino
  • Bet Royal Casino
  • Blu Casino
  • Bingo Knights
  • Brandy Casino
  • Captain Jack Casino
  • Carnival Casino
  • Casino Fiz
  • Cirrus Casino
  • Classy Coin Club Dice
  • Cool Cat Casino
  • Crown Casino
  • Eldorado Palace
  • Grand Bay Casino
  • iButler Casino
  • Jackpots Heaven
  • Lady Dream
  • Lady Lucks Casino
  • Lucky 18
  • Mapau
  • Mighty Slots
  • Oceans Online
  • Onbling Casino
  • Party City Casino
  • Prism Casino
  • Ruby Slots
  • Towbin Casino
  • TriviaCasino
  • Triomphe Casino
  • Trump Casino Group
  • Vanguard Casino
  • Vegas 24 Villa Fortuna
  • Vegas Grand
  • Wild Vegas Casino
  • Win Palace
  • World-Class Casino
  • Xraycasino
  • Zexcasino

How to Spot a Rogue Online Casino

blacklisted online casinos

There are thousands of online casino options you'll encounter when surveying for what to download. You will most likely find out if the website is reliable with the help of your gambling instincts. But for instance, where you find it difficult to pinpoint, here are few guidelines in spotting a rogue online casino.

  1. Check out lists of blacklisted or rogue online casinos before deciding where to gamble.
  2. Research more information about the online casino. Usually, online gambling sites and apps have social media pages for advertisement— check them out.
  3. Verify the authenticity of the online casino by reading reviews and feedbacks.
  4. Check if the online casino holds a legal license as it claims to have.
  5. Pay attention to the online payment methods offered by the online casino. Read comments and reviews about their payouts and deposits.

Always remember to verify the online casino's authenticity before wagering your cash. There are a lot of online casinos existing that you need to avoid at all costs. Is your online casino app blacklisted? I hope not! Choose wisely and have fun with your online gambling.