How to Spot Fake Online Casinos

The online casino industry has been a continually growing industry over the years. It increases its supporters and customers by millions each year. In return, the industry also gives out millions of jackpots to thousands of its players yearly. However, the industry is also not safe from advantageous people or groups who would use it to defraud millions of money from its patrons. A lot of customers have already lost thousands, if not millions of money from these schemes.

How Online Casinos Cheat from its Customers?

Because of the convenience that the online platform offers, cheating also becomes easier for dishonest groups. Here are some ways online casinos cheat from their customers.

  • Online Casino Games with Fake Licences

Although this sounds trivial, fake game licenses pose a significant threat to players. Pirated games are not subject to fair play policies. It only means that online casinos may have intentionally rigged games to make the casino win more than its players. Moreover, this saves online casinos costs since they don't have to pay expensive game versions to trusted game developers anymore.

  • Fake Bonuses

Bonuses are always a way for online casinos to attract more customers. However, fake online casinos can use these bonuses to trick customers into putting more money in the casino without a guaranteed return. Sometimes, they have very high wagering requirements for minimal bonuses, which makes customers give more than they receive.

  • Refusal to Make Payouts

Fake online casinos may delay payment transactions to give them more time to gather more money before they magically disappear. Many players have been victims of this modus. Preventing payouts to reach its customers' pockets is a way for fake casinos to fill their own.

Spot Fake Online Casino

How to Spot Fake Online Casinos?

In the sea of casino sites online, it may be challenging to identify which ones are trusted and which ones are not. To help you avoid fake online casinos, here are the things you should recognize.

  • Non-existent or Fake Licenses

Online casinos should be able to present their licenses for games or permits from gaming regulatory bodies. These licenses require strict standards of safety and security. Any online casino that cannot show any of these licenses or certificates reflect a sub-quality service and unreliable operation.

  • Trashy Customer Service

Fake online casinos do not need to take good care of their customers. They value their profits more than the experience of their customers. If an online casino takes days to give you unreliable and unprofessional responses for your concerns, then it is a casino you can't trust.

Spot Fake Online Casino

  • Delayed Payouts

Delayed payouts are one, if not the most significant, fake casino red flag of all. If a casino can not handle your finances well, maybe it is more concerned about its finances. Payment transactions should be of quality, so delayed payouts are a red flag. You can read reviews for these sites to identify if customers are having issues with their payment transactions.

Online casinos are an excellent platform for entertainment and profit. However, it is also a platform for deceitful groups to take advantage of people. It always pays to be extra skeptical when it comes to identifying online casinos you can trust. Gamble safe in trusted online casinos through carefully considering our list.